Water Feature Design

A backyard water garden or fountain is the perfect solution for relaxing at home

Water features can be a great focal point and provide soothing sounds to enjoy in your yard. Waterfalls and ponds give an element of attraction to nature. Fish become pets and the sound of the falls inspires relaxation and a break from the hectic schedules of the day. Pondless waterfalls are low maintenance which has made these water features very popular.

Installing ponds, pondless waterfalls and fountains

Using a variety of stone and high quality products, our crew is able to make any water feature vision into reality. Maintenance is very important in a waterfall pond system because of the algae. The algae can be controlled by using proper cleaners and planting design. The right mixture of filtration, plant material and oxygen make a big difference. We carefully consider all these elements to ensure that water features can be easily maintained for life.