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Our full service landscape company provides professional landscape design and installation. We offer beautiful designs, reasonable prices and amazing craftsmanship. We can do any project from small to large. We warranty all our work and greatly value customer service.

Landscape design is more than just using a piece of software to layout where you want plants to be. Great landscape design involves an analysis of soil conditions, irrigation, drainage, landscape architecture, shade patterns and plant knowledge of what will work best on the site. We carefully consider all these elements along with your desires to create the ideal landscape for your home or business.

Landscape Design – Design/Build/Maintain

First Step is to get a design for your project. We offer free consultations and provide professional designs. Design varies with the complexity of the project. We understand that as a homeowner, many times you do not have the time to maintain or phase out different projects for your property from season to season.

  1. Landscape Design Program: Involves phases of projects to help you reach your outdoor space goals. Master Designs vary from estates, acreages, commercial and residential projects. (Prices vary depending on scope of project.)
  2. Maintenance Program: Different options for Spring/Fall/Monthly Maintenance
  3. Splitting your perennials & Planting Bulbs Program: Seasonal programs to enhance value in your garden.
  4. Holiday Lighting Program: Put up Christmas lights & decor. Provide service to maintain and store holiday lights properly.
  5. Snow Removal Service: Commercial or residential winter snow removal.

Plants are the heart of design!  Below are description portfolios that are company has devised as dependable list of plants with color photos, descriptions and site preferences.  These portfolios list trees, shrubs, perennial, grasses, bulbs and vines.that are proven in this region.

LandscapePerennials LandscapeShrubs LandscapeTrees

The hottest trend in the landscape is outdoor living spaces including outdoor living rooms, kitchens, firepits and water features. Outdoor living spaces are beautiful and can increase the value of your home. Set up an appointment for a free consultation today by filling out our contact form or calling us at 402-417-6906.