Winter — A Great Time for Pruning!

By Marcus Hellwege - President, Great Plains Landscaping & Design

Why Prune in Winter?

There are several good reasons to prune in winter:

Trees and Shrubs That Should Not Be Pruned During Winter.

There are also trees and shrubs that should not be pruned during the winter time due to spring flowering. Some of the common trees and shrubs that should be pruned after they are done flowering in the spring in-clude: Chokeberry, Cherry, Magnolia, Lilac, Juneberry, and Forsythia.

toolsProper Pruning Equipment

tree pruningWhy Prune Trees?

Prune for strength and form is the answer. Shade trees can have unstable limbs that can cause collateral damage to property. Pruning eliminates the chances of damage from wind, ice, and heavy snow. Proper pruning helps a tree grow correctly for stability.

Pruning For Strength

Look for rubbing branches, open wounds that insects and disease can infect, water sprouts (suckers waste the trees energy) and branches should be at a 45 degree angle. Lateral branches should not be more than ½ to ¾ of the diameter
of the trunk.

Pruning For Form

Most trees thrive when some interior branches have been cut. This allows for air circulation and some sunlight. Leaders may have to be trimmed to help promote good health.

tree pruningPrune Inward Growing Branches

Remove all branches that grow towards the center of the tree.

Do Not Use Pruning Paint or Tar Dress Wounds

A tree seals its own wounds. Bacteria, fungus or insects can cause severe damage if the tree is sealed with tar. Oak trees are the exception, because oak wilt can set in.

About Us:

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Preplan your Spring Mulching!

Spring is the best time to clean up beds and install mulch 3” thick to help prevent weeds and retain moisture within the root zone. Mulch is also a very good biomass
topdressing that helps feed the plants. While the mulch decomposes the plant feeds on the nutrients, allowing growth and good root development. Call and schedule your mulching early!

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